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Commercial Transaction Group Here For Community Businesses

The Commercial Transaction Group at Hassett & George continues to support community businesses with their legal needs. In the last 60 days, they have closed approximately $5,000,0000 in a variety of business deals including dental and medical practices, a produce market, a gas station and various commercial properties.

Getting Result$ For Our Commercial Clients

In 2021, Attorney Jared Alfin and our Commercial Collections Team collected over $2,500,000.00 for various commercial clients including landlords, contractors, goods/service suppliers, insurance companies, condominium associations, banking institutions, private lenders and other financial businesses, not to mention individuals. Jared works hard with clients to determine the most efficient and cost-effective strategy for collecting money due to them and has had great success in negotiating settlements and obtaining judgments on his clients’ behalf.

Attorney Mike Conroy Moderates Roundtable

Attorney Conroy recently gave a presentation to the New Haven Association of Insurance Professionals regarding the insurance claim appraisal process, which is intended to be a more streamlined, cost-effective method than litigation of resolving claim disputes between insurance companies and their insureds. Drawing on his 30 years of experience in handling, negotiating and litigating insurance claims and coverage issues, Attorney Conroy reviewed for the group emerging trends in the claim appraisal process, then led a round table discussion regarding efficient claim resolution best practices. If you have a question or concern regarding an insurance claim or coverage issue, contact the experienced professionals at Hassett & George for a consultation to determine the best approach for your unique situation.

Hassett & George Wins Dismissal in Suit Involving Yale Fraternities

A Hassett & George team including attorneys Lou George, David Yale and Mike Conroy won a dismissal in Federal Court in a suit alleging Yale University and the fraternities at Yale discriminated against females. Part of the claim was that the landlords of some residential buildings rented by fraternity members violated the Fair Housing Act because females were not allowed to join the fraternity and live in the property. The Federal Court agreed with Hassett & George that the persons who brought the suit never tried to rent directly from the landlords, and that the landlords could not be held responsible for a membership decision by their fraternity tenants. The case was dismissed against Hassett & George’s client in its entirety. The lawsuit involved numerous additional claims against Yale University and the fraternities and almost all were dismissed.

Attorney Conroy Avoids Lengthy Court Case to Help Grieving Mother

Attorney Conroy obtained a favorable confidential pre-suit settlement for a young mother whose baby was stillborn at eight months’ gestation. Her obstetrician had missed a key indicator of fetal distress during a routine visit, and the baby was stillborn a week later. Hassett & George’s investigation, in consultation with obstetrics experts, determined that the baby could have been saved if the proper protocols had been followed. The settlement obtained helped the client to close a painful chapter in her life and avoid having to prolong and re-live it through litigation. Hassett & George attorneys pride themselves on their ability to tailor their approach to best suit the needs of their clients and their unique circumstances.

Insurance Defense Team Achieves An Excellent Result In Jury Trial

Attorney Michael Conroy achieved an excellent result on behalf of a client he recently defended in a Bridgeport courtroom. Our client had rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle in rush hour traffic, allegedly causing exacerbation of pre-existing neck and back injuries, with claimed lifetime disability. Our client admitted he was at fault, so Attorney Conroy’s job was to minimize the amount his client’s insurance company would have to pay in damages. Before trial, as much as $55,000 was offered to settle the case. At trial, the plaintiff asked the jury to award her $175,000. Attorney Conroy showed the jury that by examining the plaintiff’s pattern of medical treatment and subjective complaints over time as reflected in her medical records, it was clear that the accident at issue had little effect on her pre-existing conditions, and no long-term effect. The jury awarded her only $21,000, less than two thirds of her claimed medical expenses.

Transaction Team Turns Complicated Commercial Deal Around In 4 Weeks

The commercial transaction team at Hassett & George recently assisted clients in closing a commercial building worth over the sum of $3 million dollars. The unique part of the transaction involved the purchase of a 30,000 square foot building by two independent operating companies with loans from both a bank and the SBA’s 504 Loan Program. With one of the companies’ existing lease ending soon, the parties had to close the deal within 4 weeks. Despite the unique situation of having two different companies under one SBA loan, the team was able to help the clients successfully close within the short time frame. Thanks to Louis George, Stephanie Ma and Crystal Phelps for completing this deal.

Veteran State Employee Succeeds

After over a two plus year battle with the State of Connecticut, Hassett & George successfully resolved a case on behalf of a client who alleged her employment separation from a state university violated her constitutional, statutory and contract rights. Multiple claims sought money to compensate for the arbitrary and capricious actions resulting in lost wages and benefits. “The treatment of this dedicated and veteran executive with the State system was egregious and the resolution was proper” stated Attorney Raymond Hassett who represented the client with Attorney David Yale.

Mandated Reporter Cleared

After a six-month criminal investigation, a school administrator has been cleared of criminality related to her alleged failure to report alleged student abuse. Attorney Hassett contended that the student reports were not credible or reliable and more importantly not reported/known to his client. The State acknowledged these conclusions and closed its investigation as to our client. She is now free to return to educating and helping children, as she has done without incident for the past two decades. The case reminds all mandated reporters to be ever vigilant.

Another Federal Court Win

Hassett & George received a favorable decision in U.S. District Court, for a client sued for alleged fraud and misrepresentation, in connection with a prior divorce. The Court dismissed the case agreeing that there was no jurisdiction and the case was barred pursuant to the legal concept of res judicata. The client, a respected and tenured trial lawyer, was very pleased with the Court ruling. The case was handled by Attorneys Raymond Hassett and Jeffrey McDonald.

Custody Victory

A custody dispute involving two children resolved favorably for a Hassett & George client. Attorney Raymond Hassett convinced a Superior Court Judge that it was in the best interests of the parties’ children to be with his client, contrary to the shared parenting plan advocated by opposing counsel. In addition, he received a child support award for his client in excess of a prior proposal. “We are happy for the success of client, a wonderful and committed parent,” Attorney Hassett concluded.

Interstate Battle Ends Successfully

Attorney Hassett handled a case which involved a bitter and protracted custody dispute, police involvement, mental health professionals, DCF, interstate jurisdictional disputes and millions of dollars of assets. “On the first day of trial, the case resolved successfully for our client,” reported Attorney Hassett. “Our client retained all assets for a fair payment. Most importantly he has physical custody of his children and no alimony requirements. We hope the parties and children can now heal and move forward to normalcy.”

Remarkable Story of Hassett & George Client Featured in Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest publishes article featuring Hassett & George client Kathleen Magowan, a Simsbury schoolteacher who was unaware that she was a millionaire. Attorney Louis George remembers the day Hassett & George lawyers discovered that the elderly Ms. Magowan had significantly more money than she thought – almost $6,000,000 more! And what she chose to do with that money was truly remarkable. Read the full article here.

Attorney Michael Conroy Prevails in Federal Court On Behalf of Local Police Officers

Attorney Conroy recently obtained summary judgment on behalf of three City police officers in a civil rights matter in Federal District Court. The court dismissed all claims against Attorney Conroy’s clients, who had been accused of violating the Plaintiff’s 14th amendment rights by allegedly failing to provide necessary medical care. The Court agreed with Attorney Conroy that the police officers were entitled to qualified immunity and all claims against the police officers were dismissed.

Attorney Yale Succeeds At Second Circuit Court of Appeals

Attorney Dave Yale succeeded before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York on behalf of three local police officers who were accused of violating the Plaintiff’s 4th Amendment rights. Attorney Yale argued to the Second Circuit that the three officers, who were merely assisting in an investigation of the Plaintiff’s gun dealer’s license, did not conduct any search or investigation, and thus could not have violated the 4th Amendment. The Second Circuit agreed with Attorney Yale and found that the officers were entitled to qualified immunity, upholding the District Court’s decision and dismissing the appeal.

A Win for Attorney Lou George, UConn Head Football Coach Randy Edsall and Son Corey Edsall

On November 1, 2018, Connecticut Superior Court Judge, Joseph M. Shortall, issued a 41-page decision vacating the citizen’s ethics board’s decision and finding that Randy Edsall and Corey Edsall did not violate the State of Connecticut Code of Ethics.

“We are pleased with the Court’s decision, which validates what the Edsalls have maintained since day one: that both Randy and Corey were always up front, open and honest about their employment with UCONN and that Randy and Corey complied with all the requirements set forth in the Code of Ethics,” stated Louis N. George. Further, George stated that his clients are pleased to have their names cleared by the Court, and they look forward to continuing to build the University’s football program.


Seriously Injured Couple Awarded $800,000

Hassett & George’s personal injury team recovered $800,000 on behalf of a local couple involved in a serious car accident in Norfolk, CT. The husband and wife were seriously injured in the head-on accident, which required Life Star treatment to an area hospital, followed by a lengthy and complicated course of treatment. Attorneys Lou George and Jeff McDonald fought hard to maximize their clients’ recovery and provide relief for the devastating injuries suffered.

Lou George and Jeff McDonald Settle Slip and Fall Case for $100,000

Attorneys Lou George and Jeff McDonald lead the firm’s Personal Injury Team in recovering $100,000 for a client who was injured when he slipped on ice at an apartment complex in New Haven, CT.

Ray Hassett Helps Local College Student Accused of Sexual Assault

Ray Hassett recently succeeded in refuting allegations of a sexual assault against a Connecticut college student involved in a campus relationship. The case involved criminal charges, as well as an internal investigation and hearing before university administration, known as a Title IX hearing. Following the hearing, the student was immediately absolved and reinstated to the university with full privileges and without restriction. The criminal case was likewise closed based upon evidence provided during the law enforcement investigation.

Lou George And Hassett & George File Suit Against State Of Connecticut On Behalf Of Gubernatorial Candidate

Hassett & George filed suit against the State of Connecticut on behalf of a gubernatorial candidate, challenging the constitutionality of portions of the law governing the Citizens’ Election Program (CEP). The CEP provides full financing to qualified candidates for statewide offices. Portions of the law, however, prohibit certain candidates from accessing funds through the CEP, including those who have been convicted of felonies in connection with their public office. Hassett & George filed suit challenging the constitutionality of this provision, which infringes on candidates’ constitutional rights, including that of free speech, free association, equal political opportunity, and due process.

Ray Hassett Argues To Second Circuit Court Of Appeals

In a unique case, Ray Hassett appeared in New York City before the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals to address a $1,000,000 order of restitution against a client. The three judge panel heard an appeal which involved the legality of a restitution order imposed by the Trial Court almost five and a half years after the disposition of the criminal charges. The case is being handled by Ray Hassett in conjunction with Jeff McDonald.

Dave Yale Wins Summary Judgment In Favor Of Local Police Officers

Dave Yale recently won a Summary Judgment motion in federal court, successfully defending three local police officers accused of conducting an illegal search. The officers were assisting the State Police investigating a report of a convicted felon having possession of firearms, including assault rifles and machine guns. The subject of the investigation claimed the officers were in his yard without a warrant and in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Yale convinced the Court that the area in which the officers were located was not a protected private area and that the Fourth Amendment did not apply to their actions.

Lou George And Jeff McDonald Serve As Local Counsel For Nationwide Class Action

Lou George and Jeff McDonald recently served as local counsel pursuing a nationwide class action lawsuit filed in Connecticut. In conjunction with counsel from Massachusetts, California and Ohio, Attorneys George and McDonald pursued claims on behalf of the class for long term care insurance benefits that had been wrongfully withheld by a local insurance carrier. Individuals across Connecticut were being denied long term care benefits, despite having paid thousands of dollars in premiums. Following extensive litigation, George and McDonald, together with out of state counsel for the class, succeeded in reaching a global resolution that established long term care coverage for all class members.

H&G Recovers $1.1M For Client Whose Account Was Drained Of $400,000

An elderly woman discovered that her CD account with a local bank, which should have contained approximately $400,000.00, had a zero balance. A bank employee had been taking money from her account for years, and creating false transactions and paperwork to hide her activities. Attorneys Michael Conroy and Raymond Hassett got involved, and with the assistance of some top notch forensic work by local CPA Tim McCarthy, were able to recover over $1.1 million for the client in less than four months, without having to file suit. The bank also paid all legal and accounting fees.

Dave Yale Successfully Obtains Dismissal Of Criminal Charges

Dave Yale recently obtained a dismissal of criminal charges for a client alleged to have possessed child pornography on his computer. Yale successfully argued that the computer containing the alleged images was used by multiple people and that the images could not be attributed to the client. He explained that the wireless router installed in the client’s home was run unsecured, and that friends of the client’s teenage child accessed the internet through that connection, meaning the activity could be attributed to many different individuals. Yale’s background and knowledge in computer technology and law enforcement was key to unraveling the State’s allegations and successfully defending his client against these extremely serious charges.

Dave Yale Obtains Favorable Result At Admitted Liability Jury Trial

Dave Yale successfully defended a client before a Hartford Jury on an admitted liability motor vehicle accident claim. Yale’s client had rear ended Plaintiff’s vehicle causing significant property damage to both cars. Plaintiff incurred $12,000 in medical bills and sustained a permanent injury to her back. She was pregnant at the time of the collision. Although her pregnancy was unaffected by the accident, she claims serious emotional injury and stress caused by the accident. At trial, Plaintiff asked the jury for a $150,000. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury awarded a favorable verdict of approximately $38,000, well below Plaintiff’s pre trial settlement demand.

Attorney Conroy Succeeds Before The Connecticut Supreme Court

Attorney Michael Conroy, representing a local resident in defense of an appeal filed by an area hospital, obtained a successful result before the Connecticut Supreme Court. In the appeal, the hospital claimed that Attorney Conroy’s client ought to be held in contempt of court for failing to pay certain costs levied against him following litigation with the hospital. This was the first time that this issue would be addressed by our appeals courts, so the argument took place before Connecticut’s highest court, the Connecticut Supreme Court. The seven judge panel heard arguments in December, and has now issued its decision finding in favor of Attorney Conroy’s client and against the hospital!

Attorney McDonald Prevails On Summary Judgment

Attorney Jeffrey McDonald’s client, a local contractor pursuing a claim for moneys owed on a completed project, successfully defeated the property owner’s motion for Summary Judgment, which claimed that no moneys were owed. Attorney McDonald’s client will now have his day in court.

David Yale Exonerates Local Police Officers

Attorney David Yale, himself a former police officer, successfully defended four local police officers in a case of “swatting.” An unknown person called the police and reported gunfire and people shot inside a house. When the police arrived, they searched the house to ensure that no one was hurt and in need of assistance, but determined the call was false and was intended to harass the home owner. The homeowner sued the officers in claiming they had no right to enter his house. The Federal District Court granted judgement in favor of the officers, reasoning that the information given to the officers was specific enough for them to reasonably believe someone in the home may have been shot or in need of aid and that the officers’ actions were limited to what was necessary to determine the call was a hoax.

Hassett & George Successfully Resolves Criminal Charges In Client’s Favor

This case involved the tragic death of a young child who was struck by a vehicle operated by Hassett & George’s client. The client initially faced multiple charges including felony evasion of responsibility. After vigorous and lengthy pretrial motions, and over the passionate objection of the victim’s family, the case was resolved by a nolo contendre plea on a single misdemeanor charge. This avoided long-term impact on the client and no incarceration. The case was handled by Attorney Ray Hassett.

Attorneys Hassett And Yale Fight And Prevail For Client Against State

Attorneys Ray Hassett and David Yale succeeded on behalf of their client in response to the State of Connecticut’s Motion To Dismiss. Hassett & George’s client, a senior executive in the State College system, is pursuing a claim against the State for failure to pay wages and benefits, which she claims are due. The State moved to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that it was immune from liability and did not have an obligation to pay the wages claimed. The court sided with Hassett & George’s legal position and ruled that our client has properly asserted bona fide claims in its pleadings against the State. This significant victory will allow our client to continue to pursue her day in court.

H&G Attorneys Recover $265,000 For Clients Following Trial Of Under-Insured Motorist Claim

Hassett & George represented two plaintiffs who were seriously injured in a drunk driving accident. When the at-fault driver’s insurance did not provide just compensation, Hassett & George pursued under-insured motorist claims with the clients’ own insurance company. When the insurance company refused to pay anything on the claims, Hassett & George tried the case to a jury in New Britain Superior Court. Following three days of evidence, the jury returned a verdict in excess of $265,000 in favor of Hassett & George’s clients.

Jeffrey McDonald Obtains Summary Judgment In Favor Of Insurance Company In Subrogation Action

Attorney McDonald, representing a local insurance company in a subrogation claim against an out of state insurance company, recently obtained summary judgment establishing that the other insurer was liable for the damages sustained by our client. The summary judgment finding will cut out a lot of unnecessary litigation expense to establish liability at trial, and the matter will now simply proceed to a hearing in damages to determine how much money the insurer owes to our client.

Jared Alfin Obtains Positive Result For Homeowner In Collections Dispute

Attorney Jared Alfin obtained a positive result for his client, a homeowner being sued for not paying the full bill for home improvement work done at his home. After finding technical statutory violations in the contract, Attorney Alfin proved the work performed was not in accordance with construction standards – resulting in a $5,000.00 award for the homeowner and a judgment against the contractor.

Jeffrey McDonald Wins Summary Judgment For Commercial Property Owner In Slip And Fall Case

Attorney McDonald obtained a successful result for a commercial property owner in downtown Bridgeport. A plaintiff fell on a the sidewalk in front of the property owner’s storefront and claimed that the property owner was liable for the serious injuries he sustained. Attorney McDonald successfully argued that the commercial property owner was not liable for the plaintiff’s fall and injuries based upon the City ordinance that did not require such a duty.

David Yale Obtains Favorable Result For Client At Jury Trial

In a case where Attorney Yale’s client admitted liability for a rear-end accident, Attorney Yale convinced the jury to award damages that were limited to the plaintiff’s medical bills and only a nominal amount of pain and suffering damages. The jury award was commensurate with the pre-trial offer, which was significantly less than the plaintiff demanded to settle the case.

H&G Corporate Team Assists In Preserving Future Of The Historic Hartford Club

The corporate team at Hassett & George, P.C., led by attorneys Louis N. George and Martin A. Clayman, successfully structured a deal to solidify The Hartford Club’s financial well-being for the future. The deal included the organization and collaboration of several prominent investors to pay off the outstanding bank debt. As a result, the Club will continue to remain a Hartford landmark at 46 Prospect Street. “The complexities and uniqueness of the deal were challenging; however, the purpose of the project – to preserve the historic Hartford Club – was well worth it,” stated Louis George.

Successful Defense Of Property Owner

Attorney Jeff McDonald successfully defends client in two day temporary injunction hearing in New London Superior Court. An abutting property owner filed suit against a non-profit organization located in Eastern Connecticut alleging that the organization’s development of a botanical gardens had caused and would continue to cause irreparable harm to nearby natural resources and wetlands. The abutting property owner petitioned the Court to stop all work on the site. Following a two day evidentiary hearing, Attorney McDonald’s client prevailed when the court denied motion for temporary injunction.

Judge Directs Verdict In Favor Of Michael Conroy’s Clients

Defending a real estate agency and its agents against claims of fraud, unfair trade practices and professional negligence, Attorney Conroy recently obtained the highly unusual result of a directed verdict in favor of his clients at trial. The plaintiff, owner of a 40-year old home in original condition, retained Attorney Conroy’s clients to market and sell the home. Marketed as a “fixer-upper”, the home was purchased for full price by a renovator. After completely renovating the home, the purchaser re-sold it nine months later for $144,000 more than the original purchase price. Plaintiff thereafter filed suit, claiming that he had been misled regarding the home’s value. The case went to trial, with plaintiff seeking as damages the full value of the home, treble damages, and attorneys’ fees. On cross-examination of the plaintiff and his witnesses, Attorney Conroy exposed contradictions and misstatements that undermined the bulk of the claims. At the close of evidence, the trial judge made the unusual finding that, based on the evidence presented, there was no way that a reasonable jury could find for the plaintiff, entering judgment on all counts for the defendants. Having faced claims exceeding $1 million, Attorney Conroy’s clients prevailed with zero liability, and now stand to recover some or all of their costs and expenses incurred in defending themselves.

David Yale Secures A Successful Outcome For Insurance Company

David Yale obtained a directed verdict in favor of a national insurance company represented by Hassett & George. The case involved a rear-end accident in which the plaintiff sued the other driver, ESPN, and her own insurance company, which was represented by Attorney Yale. After two weeks of jury selection and two weeks of trial, the Court ruled that the Plaintiff’s Counsel had not met the legal burden to prove the plaintiff’s claims alleged against her own insurance company, despite a significant jury award against the other driver.

Jared Alfin Obtains $57,000 Attorneys’ Fees Award In Homeowner Association Dispute

In this case, Hassett & George clients sued their neighbor, who was the developer and president of a homeowner’s association, as a result of his failure to approve a pool fence and to remove fines that were assessed against our client for violating a land-use restriction coined by the defendant as a “green zone.” Attorney Alfin successfully persuaded the court to declare the defendant’s “green zone” invalid because it was not disclosed to our clients before they purchased their property, among other things. The court also awarded our clients $57,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs pursuant to Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act based on the defendant’s violations.

Jared Alfin Resolved Dispute Poised To Destroy A Regional Energy Company

In an effort to save the declining value of our client’s shares in a family owned business, Attorney Jared Alfin successfully convinced the court to order the defendant shareholders, who owned the remaining 50% of the company, to repay her deceased husband’s loan and his profit sharing plan funds. In addition, the court ordered the defendants to pay our client the fair value of her shares, which is to be determined at a hearing pursuant to Connecticut law. As a result, the client was awarded $500,000, plus fair value for her shares of the company.

Commercial Transaction Team Develops $2M Private Placement Offering

Attorneys Lou George and Marty Clayman, along with paralegal Crystal Phelps, were retained to develop a private placement offering of $2,000,000. The private placement was developed to assist a long- standing institution in the Hartford area. Attorney Lou George stated, “This Offering was developed for all the right reasons, to support a long-standing historic mainstay within the fabric of Hartford County. We are proud of our involvement and our ability to lead this effort.”

Jared Alfin Recovers Deposit And Legal Fees For Client Following Failed Commercial Real Estate Deal

A client entered into a commercial real estate agreement to sell its property for $500,000. Despite several extensions of time, the buyer failed to timely secure bank financing, resulting in a default of the contract. The buyer initially disputed his breach and refused to turn over his $10,000 real estate deposit. That’s when Attorney Alfin got involved. Within days, the buyer agreed to surrender the deposit and pay all of our client’s legal fees and costs. No court action was needed.