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A Criminal Charge Does Not Predict Your Future

At Hassett & George, we know just what is at stake if you are facing criminal charges. Without an aggressive defense attorney, you could face increased penalties, including serving years in jail. Fortunately, our lawyers have defended countless clients who were charged with crimes and helped them to obtain reduced sentences and even acquittals.

Not only will we defend you both in and out of Connecticut courts, we will educate you on your charge and provide updates throughout your case. We want you to face your future with knowledge of the law and of the prospective outcomes.

Do Not Give Up After A Charge

With our proven record as premiere criminal defense attorneys, we will take the facts of your case, your personal history and the specifics of your charges to create a personalized plan.

We have successfully represented clients in criminal cases involving:

These are just a few of the many criminal cases we take on. No matter your charge, our goal is to provide you with a customized misdemeanor or felony defense strategy, whether that means settling with a plea agreement or fighting in court.

Learn More About The Charges You Are Facing

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Take Back Control Of Your Future

Your outcome is not set in stone. You have options available to you. Call us at our Simsbury or Glastonbury office at 860-651-1333, or use our contact form, and get a free consultation with one of our lawyers.