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Is There A Right Way To Parent Post Divorce?

As a parent in Connecticut, if you are considering divorce, one of your main concerns is what will happen to your relationship with your child. The transition you face is going to force significant changes, but your time as a parent will be your main priority.

At Hassett & George, we have put together some suggestions on how to have a strong relationship with your children if you are sharing custody.

Listen To Your Child

This may seem like a cliché, but your children have complex inner lives and thoughts about their world. Taking the time to listen, answering their questions honestly and being an adult in their lives whom they can trust, will be a great way to make your children look forward to their time with you.

Make The Best Of Your Time Together

In getting to know your child on their terms, you will find many ways to have fun together. You can play games, read books or go on day trips together. Think about the best times you had as a child. Whatever activity you choose, make the most of your time. Slow down, focus on what matters to your child and see what you can learn about one another along the way.

Do Not Be A Pushover

At the same time, your children will make mistakes. Young people may at times try to use one parent against another to mitigate their punishments when they have broken the rules. It is important to hold your children accountable and present a united front with your ex in these situations.

Some Disputes With Your Co-Parent Should Be Resolved By Your Lawyer

Being the best parent you can be is important, but it can be complicated if your ex alters their priorities. If that happens, our attorneys are here to protect you and your custody rights. Contact us to learn more about our dedication to aiding parents in achieving their goals. We can be reached at our offices in Simsbury or Glastonbury by calling 860-651-1333 or through our contact form.