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At Hassett & George, P.C., we are proud to stand behind parents and protect their relationships with their kids. Sadly, contentious child custody and support battles can jeopardize those relationships. Our attorneys can step in to preserve your relationship with your child without putting them in a compromising position.

How Much Will Child Support Be?

Connecticut uses standard guidelines to calculate child support payment amounts. Before a child support order is made, the court will review both parents’ incomes and expenses, the number of children, and any costs associated with rearing a child. This includes the costs of day care, health insurance, education and everyday expenses. The court will also evaluate each parent’s and child’s standard of living prior to a divorce or separation.

In cases with extraordinary circumstances, judges will stray from these guidelines. No matter the situation, we will represent you to ensure child support amounts are fair and your child will be properly cared for.

How Is Child Custody Awarded?

Contrary to popular belief, both mothers and fathers have equal rights to their children.

Courts consider various factors to determine what living arrangement would be in the child’s best interests. To determine what is in a child’s best interests, a judge looks at:

  • Physical and mental health of parents and child
  • Parents’ incomes and work schedules
  • The parents’ living arrangements
  • The child’s relationship with both parents
  • Which can provide for the child’s basic needs
  • A history of substance abuse issues

Can I Modify An Original Custody Or Support Order?

As your child ages, the original child support or custody order may become too difficult or impractical to follow. If there is a material change in circumstances, you may be able to request a modification.

Examples of this include:

  • One parent is moving out of state
  • There is a change in income
  • There is evidence of abuse
  • There is a change in the child’s health
  • There has been a change in living conditions

These are just a few reasons why it may be necessary to seek a modification. It can be difficult to sway a judge to modify an original order. As our client, we will help you to file a motion for modification and represent you in court.

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