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Trusts And Estates

Do Not Put Off Planning For The Future

Over the course of your life, you have built up your property and savings to the point where you are comfortable. You want to know that when you have passed on, your assets are protected so that they can be used to care for your family. The attorneys of Hassett & George care about you and your goals for your estate, and we will work with you to write a plan that meets your priorities.

Attorney Steve Basche has been leading our efforts to protect the wealth of our clients as they get older. When you come to our firm, we make a commitment to you and your family, to make sure that everything you built will be handled properly.

Now Is The Time To Discuss Your Legacy

When you reach a certain age, whether it is after having a child, or retirement or any moment in between, you realize you need to plan for the future. Hassett & George has 25 years of experience as a full-service law firm, helping our clients with all their legal needs. For clients looking to the future that can mean:

  • Setting up an estate plan
  • Designating a health care proxy or power of attorney
  • Considering a living will
  • Learning about probate and what that means for your assets

Even if you do not believe you have enough assets to worry about estate planning, passing on without a plan will leave your children with a difficult burden. Our lawyers put you and your family first and will be happy to answer any and all questions about the law and how it affects you as you age.

For more information check out our information resources:

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  2. Probate forms

Do-It-Yourself Plans Will Not Suffice. Call Us Today.

The goal of Hassett & George is for every family in Connecticut, from Simsbury to New Haven to Glastonbury, to have a plan in place for their aging members. Let us keep you secure in your last days and protect your legacy. Contact us today by calling us at 860-651-1333 or by using our contact form.