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Our Dedication To Connecticut Communities

Hassett & George has a commitment to the people and the communities that make up Connecticut. We back up that dedication by representing towns and cities as well as the people who lead and staff local institutions. Your concerns are our concerns, and we fight to safeguard the rights of our towns and the people who work there.

Police Officers And Emergency Workers

A subcategory of our work with other municipal employees, we also offer defense services for police and other emergency workers targeted for civil litigation. Two of the lawyers in our office are former police officers, so we understand the pressures that emergency services can place on a person.

Guide for Police Officers: Understanding Personal Financial Risk

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Municipal Representation

Representing municipalities and representing municipal employees in civil litigation are separate but linked activities. Stemming from our years of insurance practice, we are intimately familiar with municipal local government workings, as well as skilled at interpreting and dissecting bylaws.

Towns And Cities

Towns and cities all over Connecticut call on us to represent them in instances of insurance coverage cases, labor negotiations, ordinance interpretation, statutory construction and zoning regulations. Our investment in building relationships throughout the state means we have the legal background and dedication to pursue the goals of our municipal clients.

Public Officials And Municipal Employees

Civil litigation against public officials, municipal employees and commission members who make the decisions that guide local communities, is a reality. When people believe a particular school board member has acted unscrupulously in a matter, they may bring suit. Hassett & George offers confidential, cost-effective defense in order to minimize the financial and reputational impact of such suits.

Judges And Attorneys

Judges and attorneys facing ethical violations or malpractice suits often turn to the lawyers of Hassett & George for representation. We have a breadth of experience representing judges and lawyers and understand the prudence that must be used in these sensitive situations.

Protecting Places And People

Hassett & George wants to represent your town, city or municipal employees for any legal need. Our full-service law firm has the track record of success and efficiency that will put your constituents at ease. Contact our Simsbury or Glastonbury office today by calling us at 860-651-1333 or by using our contact form.