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Family Law – Recent Results

Another Federal Court Win

Hassett & George received a favorable decision in U.S. District Court, for a client sued for alleged fraud and misrepresentation, in connection with a prior divorce. The Court dismissed the case agreeing that there was no jurisdiction and the case was barred pursuant to the legal concept of res judicata. The client, a respected and tenured trial lawyer, was very pleased with the Court ruling. The case was handled by Attorneys Raymond Hassett and Jeffrey McDonald.

Custody Victory

A custody dispute involving two children resolved favorably for a Hassett & George client. Attorney Raymond Hassett convinced a Superior Court Judge that it was in the best interests of the parties’ children to be with his client, contrary to the shared parenting plan advocated by opposing counsel. In addition, he received a child support award for his client in excess of a prior proposal. “We are happy for the success of client, a wonderful and committed parent,” Attorney Hassett concluded.

Interstate Battle Ends Successfully

Attorney Hassett handled a case which involved a bitter and protracted custody dispute, police involvement, mental health professionals, DCF, interstate jurisdictional disputes and millions of dollars of assets. “On the first day of trial, the case resolved successfully for our client,” reported Attorney Hassett. “Our client retained all assets for a fair payment. Most importantly he has physical custody of his children and no alimony requirements. We hope the parties and children can now heal and move forward to normalcy.”