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Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. Those accidents can cause serious injuries that will stick with riders for a long time. This is why understanding Connecticut Laws and your rights as a motorcyclist are essential. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident you may require the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Simsbury or Glastonbury, CT.
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Motorcycle Accident Statistics in Connecticut

Motorcycle riders are well aware of how vulnerable they can be to accidents. That is why many of them always have the phone number of a Connecticut motorcycle accident attorney on standby. If you are still new to riding a motorcycle, you may not be fully aware of the risks involved.

Some key statistics can help shed light on that matter. Data provided by the state of Connecticut’s Department of Health highlights the dangers of the road for motorcycle riders.

According to the data provided by the state, they recorded a total of 907 accidents involving motorcycle riders in 2020. Furthermore, 66 people died in those 907 accidents. An additional 269 individuals suffered severe injuries, while the rest came away with minor wounds.

Motorcycle accidents have also been trending up since 2018. That is a disturbing trend, and it speaks to the importance of riders understanding everything this particular endeavor entails. If you are ever involved in an accident, do not forget that you can always call a Simsbury or Glastonbury motorcycle accident attorney for assistance.

What to Do Immediately after a Motorcycle Accident

You may find yourself in a compromised position following your motorcycle accident. Take the appropriate actions quickly to protect yourself and your chances of receiving compensation.

Get Out of the Road

Unlike car accident victims, you will not have the remains of your vehicle to shield you from oncoming traffic. If you can get out of the road following your accident, you should do that immediately.

Check Yourself for Any Injuries

Now that you are out of harm’s way, you can start checking for injuries. Check your passenger as well if you had one along for the ride.

Dial 911

Call 911 as soon as you finish checking yourself and your passenger for injuries. Ask for an ambulance if you or your passenger need immediate treatment. You can still ask for police officers to visit the scene even if no one was injured.

Obtain Information from the Other Driver

If you are fit enough to walk, you can approach the driver who caused the accident and ask for their name, contact details, and insurance information. Put an end to the conversation after you get the pieces of information you need. Nothing good will come from continuing that conversation any further. Tell them to speak to your motorcycle injury attorney if they still want to discuss certain matters.

Gather Evidence

Next up, you should also try collecting whatever pieces of evidence you can. Photos of the accident scene and witness statements are valuable pieces of evidence, so work on securing them.

Speak to the Responding Police Officers

Talk to the police officers as soon as they get to the scene and discuss what happened from your perspective. This is also the time for you to hand over the evidence you collected. Make sure you have the contact details of the police officers before you leave.

Go to the Hospital

Undergo a check-up at a nearby Glastonbury, Hartford, or Simsbury, CT, hospital after your accident. Do not skip out on the check-up because you may have injuries that are not obvious.

Notify Your Insurer about the Accident

Remember to tell your Connecticut insurer about your motorcycle accident so they can note it in their records; if they start to ask additional questions, instruct them to speak to your Simsbury motorcycle accident lawyer.

Partner with a Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Finally, you should hire a motorcycle crash law firm to represent you if you do not have contacted Connecticut motorcycle lawyers yet. Their services will be extremely helpful as you go about pursuing compensation in your personal injury case.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

The importance of having legal representation while pursuing a motorcycle accident case cannot be overstated. You will see why after learning more about the services they can offer.

  • Acquire More Evidence to Strengthen Your Case
  • Coordinate with Police Officers to Obtain the Accident Report
  • Capture the Full Extent of Your Losses in the Request for Damages
  • Negotiate with the Other Driver to Reach a Settlement
  • Represent You in Court

Those are only some of the essential services good Hartford County motorcycle accident lawyer can provide. In all likelihood, you will need most of them as you move forward with your lawsuit.

What Is the Average Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Cases?

Medical expenses often make up a big chunk of payouts in personal injury cases. They also greatly affect settlement amounts. If you suffered relatively minor injuries, you may receive a settlement in the range of $10,000 to $20,000. Accident victims who suffered brain injuries may receive settlement offers that hover around $85,000.

Is Connecticut an At-Fault State for Motorcycle Claims?

Motorcycle riders should know that Connecticut is an at-fault state. It is crucial to keep that in mind because it directly affects compensation in personal injury cases. As long as you can prove that the other party caused your accident, they will need to compensate you for your losses. However, modified comparative negligence can affect how much you will receive.

Because of that rule, the courts can reduce your compensation based on the amount of blame you shoulder for an accident. You may miss out on compensation if the other side convinces the court that you share more than 50% of the blame. Prevent those things from happening by working closely with a motorcycle accident attorney.

Connecticut Motorcycle Laws

Connecticut is a state that has adopted partial helmet laws for its resident riders. With that law in effect, they only require riders and passengers under the age of eighteen to wear a helmet. If you are still working toward getting a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license in Hartford County, you must also wear a motorcycle helmet. Continue wearing that helmet until you have obtained the requisite endorsement.

Acting quickly is also important if you want to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit. The statute of limitations for such cases in Connecticut is only two years from the date of the incident. Work closely with your Connecticut motorcycle accident lawyer in Glastonbury or Simsbury so you can submit your lawsuit ahead of that deadline.

Common Injuries People Sustain from Motorcycle Accidents

Since they do not have the protection afforded by cars, motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to injuries. Some of the most common injuries that motorcycle riders sustain include:

If you take a spill, your feet or legs are likely to be the first parts of your body that come in contact with the ground. You can break your leg or ankle easily if you hit the ground the wrong way. Your hips are also vulnerable to injury. After falling off your motorcycle, your hips may come crashing hard onto the ground. That could lead to you sustaining an injury that will require surgery.

In some cases, the lower body injuries that plague motorcycle riders may have lasting effects. Those injuries may permanently alter your range of motion. They may even render you unable to walk.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Working with a motorcycle accident attorney in Simsbury or Glastonbury, CT, makes it easier for you to claim compensation if you are ever involved in an accident. Even so, it would be preferable if you could avoid accidents altogether. The tips in this section of the article should help you stay safe on the road. Keep them in mind at all times so you can ride your motorcycle with greater confidence.

Pick Out the Best Motorcycle Helmet for You

To stay safe on the road as a motorcycle rider, you need to start by gearing up properly. That means taking the time to choose the right motorcycle helmet. The first thing you should look for in a motorcycle helmet is the symbol for the Department of Transportation. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the presence of the DOT symbol is an indicator that the helmet you are looking at meets their standards.

Once you have confirmed the presence of the DOT symbol, you can check if the helmet suits you. Check if the helmet fits you properly. You should also see if the visor provides the coverage you need.

Wear Additional Safety Gear

The motorcycle helmet is not the only piece of equipment you should use if you are on the road. Consider picking up a leather jacket with long sleeves and some leather pants to keep your extremities protected. Some durable boots and gloves should also protect you further. Adding reflective accessories to your riding gear is also a good idea. Those accessories will keep you visible while you are riding at night.

Drive Defensively while Using Your Motorcycle

Defensive driving is all about avoiding accidents. Practice that at all times whenever you are on your motorcycle. You must remember that people driving cars and larger vehicles may not see you easily. Without knowing it, you may already be driving into the blind spot of the vehicle nearby.

They may hit you accidentally if that happens, and they could reasonably claim that you are to blame for what happened. Defensive driving also means being more cautious. Avoid speeding up unnecessarily or swerving in and out of a lane if you can.

Doing those things can lead to an accident and sustaining injuries as well. A good motorcycle injury attorney can help you recoup compensation if you are involved in an accident, but it is better to avoid getting into that situation if at all possible.

Maintain Your Motorcycle Regularly

Lastly, you should always remember to maintain your motorcycle. Always conduct a routine inspection of your motorcycle before heading out. Turn that into a habit, so you are not caught off guard by your motorcycle suddenly malfunctioning while you are riding.

No matter how cautious you are while riding your motorcycle, you cannot control how other motorists behave around you. Their negligence could be the reason why you end up crashing your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accident Law Firm in Hartford County, Connecticut

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