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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding on the back of your motorcycle is a great way to get around town. Hopefully, you stay safe while riding, but it will not hurt to know the contact details of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. Those accidents can cause serious injuries that will stick with riders for a long time.

Do what you can to stay safe whenever riding your motorcycle. If something bad does happen, you must also know who to approach for assistance.

Those are the topics we will discuss in the article. Stay tuned so you can find out exactly what to do if you ever find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident.

The Common Injuries People Sustain from Motorcycle Accidents

Safety should always be your primary concern whenever you are on the road. Motorcycle riders need to be even more mindful of that.

Since they do not have the protection afforded by cars, motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to injuries. Detailed in this section of the article are some of the most common injuries that motorcycle riders sustain.

Lower Body Injuries

Lower body injuries are common among motorcycle riders. It is not hard to imagine why.

If you take a spill, your feet or legs are likely to be the first parts of your body that come in contact with the ground. You can break your leg or ankle easily if you hit the ground the wrong way.

Your hips are also vulnerable to injury. After falling off your motorcycle, your hips may come crashing hard onto the ground. That could lead to you sustaining an injury that will require surgery.

In some cases, the lower body injuries that plague motorcycle riders may have lasting effects. Those injuries may permanently alter your range of motion. They may even render you unable to walk.

Upper Body Injuries

Though not as common as lower body injuries, motorcycle riders may still sustain their share of upper body injuries.

Some riders may instinctively stick their arms out to soften their fall. Doing that can quickly lead to a broken hand or arm. You may also end up with some nasty scrapes.

You may also sustain some upper body injuries without falling off of your motorcycle. If you crash into something at high speed, your chest may go flying into the front portion of your two-wheeler. You could end up with a bruised chest or even some broken ribs in that scenario.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Riders should wear sturdy helmets so they can avoid head injuries. However, even your motorcycle helmet may not provide complete protection if you are in a particularly nasty crash. You may sustain a traumatic brain injury as a result.

According to the Mayo Clinic, traumatic brain injuries may cause headaches, dizziness, and vomiting. Those are only the minor symptoms.

In serious cases, a traumatic brain injury may also produce symptoms such as seizures, disorientation, and loss of consciousness. You may also lose feeling in your extremities and slur your speech because of your injury.

A traumatic brain injury is no joke. Treating it could end up costing you a lot of money. Consider that as another reason why you should hire a motorcycle accident attorney.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Working with a motorcycle crash lawyer makes it easier for you to claim compensation if you are ever involved in an accident. Even so, it would be preferable if you could avoid accidents altogether.

The tips in this section of the article should help you stay safe on the road. Keep them in mind at all times so you can ride your motorcycle with greater confidence.

Pick Out the Best Motorcycle Helmet for You

To stay safe on the road as a motorcycle rider, you need to start by gearing up properly. That means taking the time to choose the right motorcycle helmet.

The first thing you should look for in a motorcycle helmet is the symbol for the Department of Transportation. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the presence of the DOT symbol is an indicator that the helmet you are looking at meets their standards.

Once you have confirmed the presence of the DOT symbol, you can check if the helmet suits you. Check if the helmet fits you properly. You should also see if the visor provides the coverage you need.

Wear Additional Safety Gear

The motorcycle helmet is not the only piece of equipment you should use if you are on the road. Consider picking up a leather jacket with long sleeves and some leather pants to keep your extremities protected. Some durable boots and gloves should also protect you further.

Adding reflective accessories to your riding gear is also a good idea. Those accessories will keep you visible while you are riding at night.

Drive Defensively while Using Your Motorcycle

Defensive driving is all about avoiding accidents. Practice that at all times whenever you are on your motorcycle.

You must remember that people driving cars and larger vehicles may not see you easily. Without knowing it, you may already be driving into the blind spot of the vehicle nearby. They may hit you accidentally if that happens, and they could reasonably claim that you are to blame for what happened.

Defensive driving also means being more cautious. Avoid speeding up unnecessarily or swerving in and out of a lane if you can. Doing those things can lead to an accident and sustaining injuries as well.

A good lawyer can help you recoup compensation if you are involved in an accident, but it is better to avoid getting into that situation if at all possible.

Maintain Your Motorcycle Regularly

Lastly, you should always remember to maintain your motorcycle.

Always conduct a routine inspection of your motorcycle before heading out. Turn that into a habit, so you are not caught off guard by your motorcycle suddenly malfunctioning while you are riding.

No matter how cautious you are while riding your motorcycle, you cannot control how other motorists behave around you. Their negligence could be the reason why you end up crashing your motorcycle.

Seek expert legal advice from an accident lawyer if you need compensation for the injuries you sustained or the damage done to your motorcycle. At Hassett & George, we can provide the legal expertise you need. Contact us today if you want to secure the right compensation for your injury lawsuit.