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Brain Injury Lawyer

Any head injury can be troublesome, so you should always take them seriously. Part of that may involve hiring a brain injury lawyer.

That may seem strange to prioritize, but that is far from the case. After all, you will need to treat your injury and that can be expensive.

Hiring a brain injury attorney will be crucial if you want the guilty party to foot the bill for your medical expenses. You will also need the assistance of a lawyer if you want your compensation package to account for the full extent of your injuries.

Read on if you wish to learn more about the things your lawyer could do if you recently sustained a brain injury.

The Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries often stem from accidents caused by negligence and intentionally harmful acts. Depending on how you sustained your brain injury, your lawyer may help you obtain proper compensation.

Let’s discuss the different causes of traumatic brain injuries in greater detail in the section below.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are among the most common causes of brain injuries. According to MedlinePlus, motor vehicle crashes are the most common cause of brain injuries in young adults.

It is not hard to imagine how a vehicular crash can lead to a brain injury.

If you are the driver of a vehicle, your head could hit the steering wheel or car door during a crash. A passenger may also hit their head hard on the side of the car door upon impact.

Motorcycle riders can also be vulnerable to brain injuries if they do not gear up properly. After crashing into another vehicle or barrier, it may throw you off your motorcycle and cause you to hit the pavement. That impact will likely cause a brain injury.

The person responsible for the accident must provide compensation because their actions led to you getting injured. Your brain injury lawyer can help out by ensuring that the guilty party is held accountable for the accident.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Business owners owe a duty of service to their clients and customers. Apart from providing goods and/or services, business owners must also ensure that their property is safe if they are open to the public.

They should avoid opening their properties to the public if they are not completely sure that those establishments are safe. Otherwise, someone browsing the store could end up badly hurt.

A customer may accidentally fall down a flight of broken stairs and hit their head on the ground. They may develop a brain injury from that incident.

Even unmarked wet spots can be dangerous because of how slippery they are. One wrong step on a wet spot could cause someone to fall and hit their head.

Commercial property owners who fail to maintain the safety of their properties can be hit with premises liability lawsuits. Instruct your brain injury attorney to go after them so you can receive compensation for your injuries.

Harmful Acts

The reason your brain is hurting could also be due to the deliberate actions of another individual.

Altercations inside clubs and other public venues happen from time to time. Hopefully, you can defuse the incident before people start trading blows, but that does not always happen.

You may think that the argument you were having is over, but the other party may disagree. Instead of walking away, they may blindside you and hit your head.

A violent act such as that can lead to a brain injury. Partner with a personal injury lawyer if you wish to sue the person who attacked you.

Domestic altercations can also escalate to the point where the people involved are injured. Protect yourself in that kind of situation by seeking the assistance of law enforcement and a capable attorney.

The Importance of Securing Proper Compensation

Instinctively, we know brain injuries are serious. The brain is a vital organ, after all. Any injury to it warrants thorough treatment.

Even so, many of us are not fully aware of how brain injuries can completely alter our lives.

In this section of the article, we discuss how brain injuries need to be treated and managed. We also highlight the reasons you need to secure sufficient compensation after sustaining a brain injury.

Immediate Treatment for a Traumatic Brain Injury Can Be Expensive

Immediate treatment for your brain injury may involve emergency surgery and a prolonged stay in the intensive care unit. After that, you may spend quite a bit of time in the hospital to recover.

The hospital stay by itself can be expensive. When you add the costs of the emergency surgery and the ICU stint to your bill, it may catch you off guard by how much you will need to pay. It is possible you cannot afford your bill at all.

You should not be the one worrying about those medical bills. The person responsible for the accident must be the one who pays your bills. Work together with your attorney to get your medical bills paid by the liable party.

You May Require Long-Term Treatment for Your Injury

The symptoms of a brain injury does not always disappear following immediate treatment. In some cases, injured individuals may continue exhibiting symptoms, such as slurred speech, depression, or an inability to concentrate long after the incident.

The persistence of those symptoms is why you may require continuous treatment.

Your doctor may recommend continuous treatment for your condition. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, some forms of long-term treatment that they may prescribe to individuals affected by brain injuries include psychological care, social support, and speech therapy.

Pay for those forms of long-term treatment using the compensation you receive from the guilty party.

Dealing with a brain injury is difficult, but it gets even harder if you need to dip into your finances to get treatment. Instead of using your own money, you should work with a lawyer to receive compensation from the person responsible for the accident.

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