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Using Your Land The Way You Want

Land is an underappreciated resource all over Connecticut. Whenever there is a dispute related to development or historical classification, you can be assured that there was a land use problem at the heart of it. At Hassett & George, we want to educate you on how land use law impacts your everyday life.

Environmental Regulations

Wetlands, endangered species, chemical disposal and many other concerns that have a direct impact on the environment are common problems for homeowners and businesses. Our lawyers have worked with local and state government, obtaining nationally respected results and can advise you on how to best approach any environmental regulation.

Boundaries And Encroachment

The adage about fences and neighbors is all too real. If you have a dispute with a neighbor about where the boundary is on your property, whether you can cut that tree back or who actually owns the fence, we have the experience to help protect your interests.

Zoning And Variances

Whether you are running a business from your home or looking to develop a piece of property, there are often local barriers that can give you headaches. Each town and city has specific ordinances, so Simsbury is going to require a different strategy than New Haven for the same outcome. Our attorneys can guide you in applying for variances to zoning laws all over Connecticut so you can move forward with your project.

Permitting And Subdivisions

A plot of land is useless if you cannot get the permits to build on it or divide it into lots for later sale. We have the experience working in Connecticut to get the proper legal permits that will keep your property development project on time and on budget.

A Recognized Track Record

Hassett & George has built a record of success with local and national leaders by pursuing our clients’ goals. Call our offices in Glastonbury or Simsbury at 860-651-1333, or use our contact form to learn how we can help you.