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Personal Injury Case Results

Our Hartford County personal injury lawyers have won many cases for our clients having to do with car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful deaths, slip and fall accidents, and more. We are proud to be one of the top injury law firms in Connecticut. See some examples of our verdicts & settlements below.

$1.4 Million Wrongful Death

In this wrongful death case, a driver of a limousine exited his vehicle at a gas station without placing it in park. The limo rolled away while the driver was inside the gas station, crossing four lanes of travel and a major intersection, striking our client who was waiting at a bus stop. Our client died four days later. We were able to secure video footage showing the limousine company was at fault and got $1.4M for the victim’s family.

$1.2M Product Liability

Our client lost eyesight in one of his eyes when he was injured by a defective airbag. Our product liability lawyers were able to prove the cause of the injury was the result and obtain $1.2M for our client.

$1 Million Head-On Car Collision

A husband and wife were seriously injured in a head-on collision, requiring Life Star treatment to an area hospital, followed by a lengthy and complicated course of treatment. The husband sustained a severe open fracture to his right ankle requiring multiple emergency surgeries, as well as multiple rib fractures. The wife also sustained multiple rib fractures, as well as injuries to her right elbow, left foot, right knee and right arm. When the operator of the other vehicle did not have enough insurance to cover these serious injuries, Hassett & George filed a second claim on their clients’ behalf seeking underinsured motorist coverage. We fought hard to maximize our clients’ recovery and provide relief for the devastating injuries suffered.

$900,000 Commercial Van Accident

Our client was picking up her child at school when she was rear-ended by a distracted driver operating a commercial van. She sustained significant injuries including a traumatic brain injury. The impact was devastating, and the injuries were life altering. The client was taken by Life Star from the scene of the accident and admitted to a local hospital for weeks. Hassett & George vigorously pursued claims against the driver of the commercial van and his insurance company. When the insurance proceeds were not enough, we pursued personal contribution from the owner of the vehicle, maximizing the financial recovery for our client.

$800,000 Car Accident in Norfolk

Hassett & George’s personal injury team recovered $800,000 on behalf of a local couple involved in a serious car accident in Norfolk, CT. The husband and wife were seriously injured in the head-on accident, which required Life Star treatment to an area hospital, followed by a lengthy and complicated course of treatment. Attorneys Lou George and Jeff McDonald fought hard to maximize their clients’ recovery and provide relief for the devastating injuries suffered.

$400,000 Vehicle Accident

Our client was driving down the street when a car pulled out of a side street and T-boned his vehicle, forcing him across the center line into oncoming traffic where he was hit head-on by another vehicle. He suffered a torn knee ligament requiring surgery, as well as a fractured ankle also requiring surgery. After extensive discovery, Hassett & George was able to obtain a $400,000 pre-trial settlement.

$265,000 Under-Insured Motorist Claim
Hassett & George represented two plaintiffs who were seriously injured in a drunk driving accident. When the at-fault driver’s insurance did not provide just compensation, Hassett & George pursued under-insured motorist claims with the clients’ own insurance company. When the insurance company refused to pay anything on the claims, Hassett & George tried the case to a jury in New Britain Superior Court. Following three days of evidence, the jury returned a verdict in excess of $265,000 in favor of Hassett & George’s clients.
$200,000 Slip & Fall

Our client fell on a rubber mat lain outside the entrance to a store that was concealing a depression in the sidewalk. She fell forward on her knees, jerking her head in the process. Her neck began to hurt a few weeks later, requiring surgery. Luckily, she had an excellent recovery. We settled the slip and fall case for $200,000.

$120,000 Car Accident

A young driver made an illegal turn on red, striking our client broadside as he passed through an intersection. The collision caused neck and back pain that resolved within a few months. Our attorneys caught the responsible driver in a lie about his pre-accident activities and was able to obtain a pre-trial settlement of $120,000.

$100,000 Slip and Fall Accident in New Haven
Attorneys Lou George and Jeff McDonald lead the firm’s Personal Injury Team in recovering $100,000 for a client who was injured when he slipped on ice at an apartment complex in New Haven, CT.
Confidential Pre-Suit Settlement For Young Mother

Attorney Conroy obtained a favorable confidential pre-suit settlement for a young mother whose baby was stillborn at eight months’ gestation. Her obstetrician had missed a key indicator of fetal distress during a routine visit, and the baby was stillborn a week later. Hassett & George’s investigation, in consultation with obstetrics experts, determined that the baby could have been saved if the proper protocols had been followed. The settlement obtained helped the client to close a painful chapter in her life and avoid having to prolong and re-live it through litigation. Hassett & George attorneys pride themselves on their ability to tailor their approach to best suit the needs of their clients and their unique circumstances.