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truck accident attorneyAs dangerous as car accidents are, you can argue that truck accidents are even more frightening. In the aftermath of one, you will need a skilled truck accident lawyer to guide you and help you claim the compensation you deserve. Otherwise, navigating the legal process to follow can prove next to impossible.

Truck accidents can take an enormous toll on the people involved in so many ways. They can be draining physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you end up seriously hurt from the accident, your finances will start to take a hit as well.

Prepare yourself better for the legal battles ahead. Partner with a truck accident attorney in Simsbury, Glastonbury or Hartford, CT, and give yourself the best odds of winning the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Identifying the Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Connecticut being an at-fault state means that the party who caused the accident will be held liable for it. Truck drivers and trucking companies are well aware of that. As experienced truck accident lawyers in Simsbury, Glastonbury and Hartford, CT, we will tell you not be surprised if those truck drivers or trucking companies blame others to avoid making any substantial payouts.

Teaming up with a highly skilled lawyer will help you avoid bearing blame undeservedly. You can also avoid being victimized by that tactic by educating yourself.

Learn about the common causes of truck accidents. Refer to them as you try to figure out who is to blame for what happened.

Detailed below are some of the most common causes of truck accidents.

Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers often need to be on the road for several hours continuously. While they are used to that kind of driving, they are still not immune from fatigue.

Once fatigue sets in, truck drivers become more susceptible to making mistakes. They may take their eyes off the road or even doze off.

Sometimes, the pressure of making a delivery on time can cause an otherwise reliable driver to make a poor decision. Unfortunately, that decision to get behind the wheel while tired can lead to an accident.

Lack of Training

Driving a truck is not the same as driving a typical passenger vehicle. There are more components to be mindful of, and the truck itself may be harder to control.

Braking is one particular area where truck drivers have to exercise more caution.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, trucks with loaded trailers need 20 to 40 percent more clearance to stop safely. If a truck driver approaches braking the way they do with a passenger vehicle, they will likely crash into something.

Better training can help truck drivers fully understand the machines they are working with. They will also be safer on the road as a result.

Poor Cargo Loading

Hauling heavy cargo should not be an issue for those massive trucks. However, issues could arise if the cargo was not loaded properly.

The cargo may fall off at some point during the journey, and it may spill out on the road. Unsuspecting drivers nearby may crash into that cargo and get seriously hurt as a result.

Truck drivers must be sure that their cargo is secure before going on the road. You can hold a truck driver liable if you prove that they did not secure their cargo properly. Enlist the help of a truck injury lawyer if you need help proving that.

Negligence by Surrounding Drivers

The truck driver is not always the one to blame for an accident. The drivers around them could also be at fault.

Driving too close to a truck is asking for trouble. You can say the same thing about trying to pass a truck without alerting the driver to your presence first.

Truck drivers must be extra cautious to keep the other drivers around them safe. We also need to return the favor by driving carefully whenever they are around.

What Should You Do After Being Involved in a Truck Accident?

The things you do immediately after will help determine the distribution of blame and compensation. You must be fully aware of what you are doing to avoid incurring blame unnecessarily.

Follow the tips below, so you do not run into any more trouble after being involved in a truck accident.

Check for Any Injuries

The first thing you should do following the crash is to check for injuries. Check yourself and any people in the vehicle with you for those injuries.

If someone is badly hurt, avoid moving them for now. You may end up hurting them even more if you try to take matters into your own hands.

Call for Help

Next up, you need to call for help. Dial 911 and ask for police assistance. They will help you with the other steps to come.

You should also call for emergency responders if someone is injured severely at the scene.

Gather Evidence at the Scene of the Accident

Are you well enough to move around? If so, try to exit your vehicle and start jotting down details of what happened.

Note the address of the accident and the vehicles involved. You should also take pictures if you can.

Get Vital Information from the Other Party

At this point, you should now talk to the other driver involved in the accident. Ask for their contact information and insurance details because you will need them later on.

During this time, the other party may ask you to make a deal of some kind. Resist that offer because they are most likely trying to take advantage of you. Do not agree to anything without your truck accident lawyer present.

Obtain Information from Witnesses

Witnesses can help shed light on what truly caused the truck accident.

For instance, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration notes that “speeding of any kind” commonly plays a role in vehicular crashes. A witness nearby may tell you if the truck driver was speeding prior to the crash.

Make sure to write the contact details of any witnesses so you can speak to them later.

Talk to the Police

You should go and speak to the police after they arrive at the scene. Share any information you gathered with them to help them out. If you had trouble getting information from the truck driver, the police can help you out with that.

Also, remember to ask for the police officers’ contact details. Speaking to them will likely be necessary as you build your case.

Visit a Doctor

Although you may feel fine right after the accident, there is still a chance that you were injured. Make sure you are in good condition by paying a visit to your doctor.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Hartford County, CT

The truck driver must be held responsible for any injuries or property damage they caused due to being negligent. If you are looking to sue the driver responsible in your case, you will need the help of an experienced attorney.

Work with us at Hassett & George if you need expert legal representation from a truck accident attorney in Simsbury, Glastonbury or Hartford County, CT. Contact us today and we will get right to work on your personal injury lawsuit.