Dave Yale obtains favorable result at admitted liability jury trial

Dave Yale successfully defended a client before a Hartford Jury on an admitted liability motor vehicle accident claim.  Yale’s client had rear ended Plaintiff’s vehicle causing significant property damage to both cars.  Plaintiff incurred $12,000 in medical bills and sustained a permanent injury to her back.  She was pregnant at the time of the collision.  Although her pregnancy was unaffected by the accident, she claims serious emotional injury and stress caused by the accident.  At trial, Plaintiff asked the jury for a $150,000.  At the conclusion of the trial, the jury awarded a favorable verdict of approximately $38,000, well below Plaintiff’s pre trial settlement demand.   

Ray Hassett successfully defends charges on behalf of local college student

Ray Hassett recently succeeded in refuting allegations of a sexual assault against a Connecticut college student involved in a campus relationship.  The case involved criminal charges, as well as an internal investigation and hearing before university administration, known as a Title IX hearing.  Following the hearing, the student was immediately absolved and reinstated to the university with full privileges and without restriction.  The criminal case was likewise closed based upon evidence provided during the law enforcement investigation. 

Julie Harris Prevails in Rockville Jury Trial

Julie Harris successfully defended a lawsuit brought by a plaintiff motorcyclist seeking substantial damages.  The case stemmed from a collision between the plaintiff's motorcycle and a vehicle operated by a Hassett & George client who had emerged from a stop sign, across the plaintiff’s lane, to begin a left hand turn. The plaintiff filed an Offer of Compromise for $875,000, based on treatment expense of $127,000 and a lost earning capacity claim said to total more than $200,000.  An Offer of Compromise for $75,000 was filed on behalf of the defendant based on comparative negligence and denial that a back surgery the plaintiff underwent four years post-accident was caused by the accident. The jury in Tolland Superior Court agreed with the defense's position, assessing comparative negligence at 50%, and returned a verdict under the defendant’s Offer of Compromise, at $29,250. The case is now on appeal by the plaintiff.


Dave Yale Wins Summary Judgment in Favor of Local Police Officers

Dave Yale recently won a Summary Judgement motion in federal court, successfully defending three local police officers accused of conducting an illegal search.  The officers were assisting the State Police investigating a report of a convicted felon having possession of firearms, including assault rifles and machine guns.  The subject of the investigation claimed the officers were in his yard without a warrant and in violation of the Fourth Amendment.  Yale convinced the Court that the area in which the officers were located was not a protected private area and that the Fourth Amendment did not apply to their actions. 

Ray Hassett Argues to Second Circuit Court of Appeals

In a unique case, Ray Hassett appeared in New York City before the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals to address a $1,000,000 order of restitution against a client.  The three judge panel heard an appeal which involved the legality of a restitution order imposed by the Trial Court almost five and a half years after the disposition of the criminal charges.  The case is being handled by Ray Hassett in conjunction with Jeff McDonald.

Dave Yale Successfully Obtains Dismissal of Criminal Charges

Dave Yale recently obtained a dismissal of criminal charges for a client alleged to have possessed child pornography on his computer. Yale successfully argued that the computer containing the alleged images was used by multiple people and that the images could not be attributed to the client.  He explained that the wireless router installed in the client’s home was run unsecured, and that friends of the client’s teenage child accessed the internet through that connection, meaning the activity could be attributed to many different individuals.  Yale’s background and knowledge in computer technology and law enforcement was key to unraveling the State’s allegations and successfully defending his client against these extremely serious charges. 

Lou George Representing UConn Head Football Coach Randy Edsall

On September 1, 2017, Lou George filed an appeal of the State Citizen’s Ethics Advisory Board’s decision on behalf of UConn Head Football Coach Randy Edsall and his son, Corey Edsall.  In July, the Board issued an advisory opinion finding that Coach Edsall had violated the Code of Ethics by negotiating an assistant coach position for his son.  The appeal argues that the Board erroneously defined Coach Edsall as a “state employee” under the Code when Coach Edsall negotiated a position for Corey.  The appeal further argues that the Board ignored previous decisions that permit family members to be employed within the same department of the State.

Lou George and Hassett & George File Suit Against State of Connecticut on Behalf of Gubernatorial Candidate

Hassett & George filed suit against the State of Connecticut on behalf of a gubernatorial candidate, challenging the constitutionality of portions of the law governing the Citizens’ Election Program (CEP).  The CEP provides full financing to qualified candidates for statewide offices.  Portions of the law, however, prohibit certain candidates from accessing funds through the CEP, including those who have been convicted of felonies in connection with their public office.  Hassett & George filed suit challenging the constitutionality of this provision, which infringes on candidates’ constitutional rights, including that of free speech, free association, equal political opportunity, and due process.

Lou George and Jeff McDonald Serve As Local Counsel for Nationwide Class Action

Lou George and Jeff McDonald recently served as local counsel pursuing a nationwide class action lawsuit filed in Connecticut.  In conjunction with counsel from Massachusetts, California and Ohio, Attorneys George and McDonald pursued claims on behalf of the class for long term care insurance benefits that had been wrongfully withheld by a local insurance carrier.  Individuals across Connecticut were being denied long term care benefits, despite having paid thousands of dollars in premiums.  Following extensive litigation, George and McDonald, together with out of state counsel for the class, succeeded in reaching a global resolution that established long term care coverage for all class members.  


In 2009, Martin Praisner was arrested for alleged excessive force while he worked as a police officer at Eastern Connecticut State University.  During the criminal investigation he was hired by the Department of Corrections.  Attorney Spector successfully defended Mr. Praisner, resulting in a dismissal of the criminal charges.  Pursuant to statute, a police officer who is arrested for an act performed within the scope of his duties is entitled to indemnification when the criminal case results in a dismissal. 

The State first claimed the statute did not apply to University Officers and denied indemnification.  We prevailed on that claim at summary judgment and the damage claim went to trial.  The State maintained that the claimed losses were speculative and no claim could be made for future losses.  We proved that the claimed damages were likely and that future damages were compensable because the Department of Corrections refused to reinstate or rehire Mr. Praisner after he reapplied following the dismissal of the criminal case. 

Every dollar claimed was awarded by the trial judge.


We are pleased to announce that Attorney Jared M. Alfin has been named Partner.  Alfin has been practicing since 2004.  Since joining Hassett & George in 2013, he has played a key role in expanding the firm’s client base and growing its litigation practice.  As a partner, he will continue to counsel clients on a range of issues involving commercial contract disputes, collections, real estate litigation, white-collar fraud, unfair trade practices, condominium law, partnership disputes, and litigation involving shareholders and members. 

Alfin will become the sixth partner at Hassett & George, joining existing partners, Raymond M. Hassett, Louis N. George, Michael C. Conroy, Julie A. Harris, and Steven M. Basche.

Partners:  Mike Conroy, Ray Hassett, Julie Harris, Jared Aflin, Lou George, and Steve Basche

Community News

Congrats to the Simsbury Chamber on a Spooktacular Success!

Hassett & George was proud to be a part of the Simsbury Spooktacular & Chili Challenge.  Event Chairperson Lou George remarked, "We lucked out with a beautiful day.  We're grateful to the chili cooks who traveled here from all across the country, as well as to the local restaurants who participated.  What a great way to showcase the Simsbury community to visitors."



A group from Hassett & George enjoys a networking reception after attending a seminar on legal ethics, hosted by the Simsbury Regional Bar.

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